Mado Otzri, M.A.

Business Development and Medical Device Marketing and Sales Manager

Mado Otzri holds an M.A in Quality Assurance from Haifa University. Mado has over 13 years of experience in quality management in cross-functional organizations in various fields such as Quality Assurance infrastructure, supplier quality, calibration, training, PMS, etc. Mado has led Quality Assurance activities in various industries and systems, providing Quality Assurance support and leadership for ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, and AS 9100.
Before Joining Gsap Mado worked for: Motus GI as Quality Assurance Director, Philips as SQE and as PMS assistant, Given Imaging as Quality Assurance infrastructure manager, Flex as Quality Assurance infrastructure manager, and QCC as Quality Manager.
In her previous roles, Mado used her positions to define, develop and implement quality culture across relevant functions, in compliance with company procedures and applicable international standards.
Mado’s experience includes internal and external audits, leading and coordinating audits and audit outcomes, supplier quality aspects – from supplier evaluations to supplier monitoring and management, and implementing corrective action plans.
In the last two years at Gsap Mado is leading sales and Marketing for Medical Devices and Clinical Sections. In her role, she is responsible for the sales of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Assurance expert services for medical device companies and CRO service for all Gsap customers as well as marketing strategies and plans definition and executions. Mado has the relevant field experience from her previous roles, which enables her to communicate with the customer and the potential customers in a professional and up-to-date parallel to her daily work, Mado is also responsible to lead the business development of the Gsap Family by supporting the management of the daughter companies exploring new potentials and realize the potential to the maximum.

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